Protection nets are very important to ensure our safety while performing our activities or working in our daily life. In this sense, protection nets have a very important role.

What is A Protection Net?

A protection net is generally considered as passive fall protection technology that protects against the dangers of falling from a great height and is used as industrial safety netting. Its installation in situations where working at height is required makes a substantial contribution to occupational safety. But in addition to this, protection nets can be used for many areas such as balconies, gardens, parks, sports halls, etc.

Usage Areas of Protection Nets

Safety mesh netting products have a wide range of applications. A protection net is used in risky elevators, shafts, and indoor locations in addition to exteriors. At the same time, it can be used to keep parts from falling in historical structures in a variety of places such as balconies, stairwells, greenhouses, parks, and playgrounds. The mesh spacing and rope thickness can be determined based on the load it will bear.

Protection Net Types

It is possible to categorize protection nets under 4 main categories:

1- Balcony Safety Nets

Balconies, which are more vulnerable than other parts of the house, pose a serious threat to pets and children. With a balcony safety net, one can eliminate this risk, which is especially important in multi-story apartments. As a result, a balcony protection net can easily prevent pets or little children from hanging from the holes in the balconies or pulling themselves out of them.

2- Protection Net

Apartments are the places where accidents occur most frequently. The color of the safety net used for these areas may need to be striking. For this reason, protection nets are produced in various colors, especially red, yellow, green and white. Pools in private gardens can also be dangerous at times. In order to prevent children from falling into the pool, precautions can be taken by covering the tops of the pools with nets. Another usage area of protection nets is, of course, industrial areas where people work in risky places.


3- Security Nets

A safety net is a security and protection system that is utilized in situations where there is a risk of falling. Being a network system that reduces the danger to those who are at risk, a safety net can be stretched and attached once connection points. They can also be utilized not only in public spaces but also in workplaces, by providing passive protection and allowing people to operate in a safe and comfortable environment.

4- Garden Nets

Nets are used in the fields and gardens to protect crops from birds, dogs, and children. They can also be used in such situations to protect crops from being destroyed by extreme weather conditions such as hail or storms.

Best Protection Nets Suppliers

It is quite possible to encounter many companies in this field. However, the best suppliers provide the fastest, highest quality service by using the highest quality products. You can get support from these leading companies for the construction of safety netting system.

Protection Nets Prices on 2022


Many factors, such as the size of the area where you want to install a protection net and the material quality, affect 2022 protection net prices. If you request price information from the company that you have preferred, it would be better to get in contact.

Netrags and Protection Nets

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