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Our security is very important in every aspect of life. There are measures to be taken in every area to ensure this security and to continue our lives in a safer environment. You can provide these safe areas with net and rope equipments.

For example, Construction sites are known as very dangerous places. For this reason, it is essential to take precautions for both the safety of the workers and the safety of the residents around it while the construction is being carried out. This is exactly why Netrags construction safety net is produced for you. To give another example; Balcony netting is applied on the balconies of high-rise buildings for the safety of our children and pets. With Netrags security nets, you can present these safe living spaces to your loved ones. Another example is the ropes used to ensure the safety of the ship industry. Ropes are used for anchoring to a pier or buoy, for backing up to another boat or tugboat in an emergency, and for securing equipment such as service boats and life buoys. Netrags continues to manufacture these ropes used in the ship industry according to the raw material and the function they will be used for.

This and many other examples exist in our lives. Creating safer working areas, work environments and living spaces is one of the most important goals of our company and our employees as Netrags. As Netrags, we produce and install nets and ropes for safer living spaces with our experienced and expert team.

Among the net and rope systems we produce, safety net, construction net, balcony net, baby safety net and ship rope systems are among the systems we produce. If you want to keep your security at the highest level, you can continue to review the texts we produced by reading this article!

What is File? What are File Types?

net and rope equipments

The nets we have produced as Netrags are one of the systems that prevent mass falls while ensuring your safety. It provides passive protection against falls and possible accidents, and at the same time, this protection does not restrict the movements of the employees and allows them to work at height. Thanks to the net systems produced by Netrags, with the safety nets we set up in the work areas, it is ensured that undesirable consequences such as injury and death are prevented by mitigating the impact of a fall, a possible fall accident.

There are many areas in our lives that need to be secured. For this reason, many types of nets are produced by Netgras. These file types are:

Balcony Netting

Balcony net,ng, which are produced by Netrags’ experienced and expert team, are produced to prevent danger on balconies and also provide aesthetic benefits to balconies. Rope net for balcony is preferred by our valued customers in terms of providing security in multi-storey apartments and buildings. If you want to have our balcony nets, which are produced from a special yarn and have a very useful and aesthetic appearance, you can contact us.

Construction Net

Netrags’ construction nets with superior quality and features are generally used in the construction industry to ensure safety. It should be noted that construction and construction sites are very dangerous areas, and while putting the life safety of the employees at risk, they also contain situations that may pose a risk for the people passing by. Thanks to Netrags construction net, you can reach us to have quality and trust-oriented solutions!

Baby Safety Net

Although we think that our homes or schools are safe spaces for our children, it may occur in some cases and in this case, the dangers must be eliminated. For example, in some playgrounds, it is necessary to eliminate the dangers in question and to ensure the safety of children in this way. Thanks to Netrags baby safety net, it is very easy to prevent your children from injuries caused by problems such as hard and painful falls and even fatal accidents. If you want to maximize the safety of your children, you can reach the professional team of our Netrags brand. Netrags is always ready to serve you.

What is Rope? What are the Rope Types?


Ropes are known as very thick and strong ropes made by wrapping vegetable fibers such as cotton or materials such as nylon and steel on each other. Each type of rope we produce as Netrags is used for a different job. For example, a halyard or sheet rope cannot be used as a good mooring rope because such ropes do not stretch. Mooring ropes need to be stretched and if the rope does not stretch, there is a possibility that the parts of the boat or land that are tied to it will break under overloads.

The ropes we have produced as Netrags are widely used in the ship industry. The ropes used for mooring the ship are ropes formed by interconnecting the ropes at different angles and can be produced according to the size given by our valued customers and the condition of the ground. As Netrags, our most important criterion in rope production, as in our other products; that the ropes are long-lasting, durable and well-knitted. If you want to be the customer of the most senior and expert company in the sector among the Turkish rope manufacturers and to profit from your shopping, you can contact us right away. It is an honour for our team to inform you.

Netrags, Expert Company Among Net and Rope Manufacturers

As Netrags, our company has its head office in Istanbul; is a company that sells all kinds of production related to sports, industry, protection and playground projects of international organizations, net and rope installations to the world market. Netrags, as an expert net and rope manufacturer in the sector, promises to provide trust, quality, workmanship and customer satisfaction to our valued customers.

If you want to meticulously have rope net fence, commercial jungle gym, fishing net equipment and so many netting types as an alternative that will add comfort and quality to your living space, you can contact us. As Netrags, we will continue to respond to your needs in the best way with our professional approach.