Industrial Nets

Having been started to use in various areas, safety nets do not have a mechanism that can cause the system to stop as a whole in case of failure. The system stays in place in the area where it is installed, creating a safe environment. Thanks to properly established safety netting, people in the area feel safe and employees can safely focus on their work. One of the most preferred safety nets are industrial nets and they can be used for three main purposes including security.

  • Shelf safety nets,
  • Load-lifting nets,
  • Pallet net (The most commonly used industrial net).

These nets are produced and delivered to the customer as assembled or ready for assembly. Preferred yarn types are polyamide (nylon), polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene (flush) as hand and machine weaved knotless production.

What is Industrial Net?

An industrial netting mesh is a safety net used for lifting, fixing, and protecting the load. The most commonly used type of industrial net is used are pallet nets and they can be used to surround and protect goods, vegetables, or loads transported by pallets. A pallet wrapping net prevents products from spilling while being transported from one place to another. In addition, thanks to its airy structure, it prevents the goods from being damaged.

What Are the Types of Industrial Nets?

As it is mentioned above, it is possible to talk about three main industrial nets types:

1.   Safety Nets

A net designed to catch persons falling from a height, supported by a side (border) rope and other supporting elements, or a combination thereof, is defined as a safety net. It is a type of precaution based on collective protection that will prevent the fall and/or reduce the severity of the fall. The safety of workers in workplaces is also primarily ensured by collective protection measures such as safe guardrails, fall prevention platforms, barriers, covers, work scaffolds, safety nets, or airbags.

2.   Lifting Nets


Although it is generally used in ports where cargo ships are located, it is also used in construction. The load-lifting net is made of polyamide yarns. Polyamide threads are resistant to the harmful rays of the sun, moisture, and weight. These nets allow to carry loads up to 3 to 4 tons, depending on the yarn thickness and pore spacing. Nets produced in factories are subjected to stringent durability tests. Files that pass these tests are delivered to you with their robustness certificates. The durability of the material used allows you to use it for many years at an affordable price. You can reach our company on our live support line and on our website for freight transport file prices. You can get information about load load-lifting nets.

3.   Pallet Nets

Pallet nets are in the list of indispensable items where the products are used during the much more practical, fast, and safe movement and transportation process. In order to prevent the threats that may occur during overloading on the pallet, pallet nets cover all the products on the pallet in a practical, economical, and safe way and prevent all hazards.


What Are the Industrial Nets Usage Areas?

There are many areas where industrial nets can be used. We can list these sectors as follows;

  • Transportation (road, rail, air, and sea),
  • Warehouses,
  • Buildings,
  • Tube netting,
  • Waste management and recycling,
  • Bird netting,
  • Fishing net,
  • Plastic cover net,
  • Pallet transport etc.

Industrial Nets Manufacturers


If you do some research, it is quite possible to reach many industrial net manufacturers. However, it is necessary to be careful when preferring a company. The experience of the company, the work it has done in this field should be taken into account and even the comments about the company should be read.

Industrial Net Prices

Industrial nets prices vary according to the product chosen, the preferred company, and the application purpose. Therefore, you need to get information on industrial net prices by contacting the company you prefer.

Netrags and Industrial Nets

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