One of the main uses of nets is to provide security. These nets, prepared for different areas, adapt to any environment that installation is made. In addition to being produced with low technology, these nets are extremely durable and very easy to use. Due to reasons such as entanglement or tearing of the nets, there is no disruption in the system.

These networks, which offer many advantages, are used in many areas and have a very important role for both human health and occupational safety. As the Netrags family, we first protect you and your loved ones with these quality safety netting, and we are constantly working to offer you the best.

Nets Types

1.   Sports Nets

When we look around, the first type of net that we encounter or come to our minds is undoubtedly sports nets. These nets, which stand out in many sports branches such as basketball and volleyball, provide sports lovers with a good sports experience. No matter which net you choose; baseball, volleyball, football, tennis, golf, hockey, ping pong or paintball, Netrags produce the best sports nets used by professionals and the ones for leisure activities. It is possible to list our sports nets as follows;

Football nets, basketball nets, basketball barrier nets, badminton nets, volleyball nets, handball nets, tennis nets, cricket nets, custom sports netting, golf nets, hockey nets, archery nets, hammer throw nets, water polo nets, ball carrying nets, multi sport backstop netting, football field nets, multi sport net, separating nets.



2.   Industrial Nets

The other usage area of our net type which is mostly preferred is industrial nets. Industrial safety netting is not only used for construction, as it is thought mostly, but also for other purposes. We may list these purposes as follows;

  • Safety nets

Its main purpose is to provide occupational safety in high places.

  • Lifting nets

It is mainly used in construction, mining, industry and daily life as a lifting and protection net. It is durable, flexible and long-lasting.

  • Pallet nets

According to the customer’s request, it can be manufactured from rope and silk ropes. It is generally used as a safety net on ships and in the construction industry.

If you want to get quality industrial safety netting at affordable prices and use these products for many years, you may contact us and get further information about the prices and installation process.

  • Protection Nets

Although one of the first things that comes to mind when it comes to protection nets is the nets used in construction, in fact, protection nets are products that can be used in all areas of our lives. It is possible to list protection nets as follows;

  • Construction Security Net

They are the nets produced to ensure occupational safety and to protect the life of workers.

  • Window and Balcony Protection Net

Window and balcony protection nets are used by fixing with iron hooks from the balcony ceiling to the end area of the balcony railings. Due to its perforated structure, it ensures the safety of both animals and children without interrupting the air flow.

  • Stair and Elevator Nets

Stair and elevator safety nets are produced for prevention and protection against falls on the sides of stairs and they are produced from UV-added threads that are of high strength and are manufactured with care in the desired pore opening. Stairs and handrails are produced in accordance with your dimensions.

  • Agricultural Products Protection Nets


It is used in areas where plant protection is required such as nurseries, greenhouses, livestock enterprises, fields. Using an agricultural net has now become one of the biggest requirements in agricultural fields.

  • Child and Baby Protection Nets

They are nets installed in places where children and babies roam or crawl, such as balconies, stairs, stairwells. Thus, any falling situation is prevented thanks to child safety netting.

  • Animal Protection Nets

Animal protection nets, protection products that allow animals to move safely indoors and outdoors, have high strength properties. Animal protection nets ensure the safety of pets that are common to our daily lives. It is specially produced for balconies, gardens and windows.

  • School and Hospital Security Net

While providing protection against falls, it allows children to move much more safely, especially at school or hospitals.

3.   Playground Equipment Nets

Every child has the right to have fun in a safe environment. As the Netrags family, we also believe in this wholeheartedly and therefore we produce the following nets: rope spider web playground and climbing net playground equipment. Witness your child’s smiles while they enjoy the playground SAFELY!

Netrags as A Net Manufacturer

If you also want to have quality nets, you may contact us immediately or take a look at our website. If you wish, you can fill out the form below and create a request. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible and forward your requests to us. In that way, you will be able to get accurate information about net prices, installation process and other details from Netrags. If you wish you may also get details about net and rope equipments from our user-friendly website!