Netrags is a nets manufacturer and applicator in Turkey and more than 70 countries. Netragrs offer fast solutions to your nets needs. +90 (212) 678 13 13


Nets are the products for the purpose of security, sports and protection, and they are formed by interconnecting the ropes at different angles. Nets can be produced according to the size and the condition of the place.

How to Price The Nets

Special offers must be provided for each project. What is the size of the area used, what is the area of the net used, what is the frequency of the mesh knitting range, all these criteria affect the prices of the nets, such as the rope thickness and its feature. Once you tell all this information to the Netrags representatives, the Netrags team will provide you a quick quote.

Why Netrags ?

Netrags, which has done many domestic and foreign projects, offer fast solutions to your needs with its qualified team and quality production. We can contact you immediately when you request a quote from us.