Playground equipment nets are generally used to ensure the safety of children playing on playground equipment in parks and parks.

Children are very active and energetic by nature. In order to throw off the energy on them, they find the solution by playing games. As parents, the first thing to pay attention to where children play is whether the safety measures are sufficient. Our children are more important than anything. For this reason, as Netrags, it is one of our biggest goals to ensure the safety of children.

Since the health and safety of children is paramount, we specially design play equipment language nets according to these considerations. Thanks to the climbing nets for playgrounds we have produced, children are prevented from climbing into dangerous places. In addition, it protects your children in the best way against possible falling and slipping accidents.

Children act without being aware of the danger in accordance with their age. As Netrags, our duty is to minimize the dangers that may arise. We continue to produce playground safety netting for our children who are not aware of the danger. Without thinking about where to sell the net; If you want to have playground equipment networks installed in the playgrounds you will create for your children, you can work with us.

Playground Netting


Playground netting can be designed in different sizes and colors according to your needs. However, it should be noted that it will be better for you and your child to choose the nets you will use according to the function of the playground.

Our products are produced in different eye sizes and are manufactured with or without knots according to your preference. These products we have produced are very supportive of your children’s holding and climbing activities. In addition, these issues are taken into consideration in the production of our products so that your children’s limbs such as hands, fingers and arms are not damaged during the sliding and jumping movements of the skateboard.

You can use playground nettng in any playground you create for children. For example; You can use the playground nettings we have produced as the Netrags family in order to ensure the safety of your children in areas such as trampolines, ball pools, playgrounds and playgrounds. These playground nettings are produced in the color and size you want. If you want to learn why you should choose us for playground networks, you should continue reading our article!

You Should Prefer Netrags for Playground Safety Nets!

Thanks to the playground safety netting produced by Netrags, your children have maximum security in the playground they have set up in the school and in the garden, as well as in the game rooms. If you have a high playground, you can install a playground safety netting up to the ceiling, eliminating the risk of your children falling and getting injured. In addition to these features, we can list the reasons why you should choose us as follows;

  1. The playground safety netting we have produced can carry more than one child at the same time. Playground safety netting produced by Netrags have a high carrying capacity. Thus, many children will be safe at the same time.
  2. Production is made according to the features and colors you want. In order to attract the attention of children, you can have colorful net production made.
  3. Playground safety netting manufactured by Netrags have maximum resistances to abrasion. Thanks to the raw materials of the products we produce, wear does not occur no matter how much children move on the nets.
  4. Our products are environmentally friendly. It does not harm children in any way. For this reason, as Netrags, you can find the safest and most environmentally friendly game safety nets that you can choose for your children in our company.

Playground Safety Net


The products we produce as Netrags are environmentally friendly products. Our products are produced from 100% non-toxic materials. Children are in contact everywhere with their mouths and hands, by nature. However, there is no harm in our children’s contact with our products that we produce with non-toxic materials. Our products are completely harmless to children. The playground safety net we produce as Netrags consists of polypropylene filament yarn and is highly resistant to tearing and possible damage.

As Netrags company, you can contact us and get detailed information so that you can choose the right and appropriate play safety net for the playgrounds you will set up for your children. Our experienced and expert team will be happy to share with you the knowledge they have gained so far.

As the Netrags family, we have a very wide product range in game safety nets. For this reason, our products are in high demand not only in our country, but also from many parts of the world. We have strong business connections with the USA, England, France, Serbia, Georgia, Greece, Malta, Cameroon, Albania and many other countries and we export with these countries.

You can contact us at +90 (212) 678 13 13 for detailed information about kids climbing net, outdoor climbing net, climbing cargo net for treehouse, treehouse netting, soft play netting, playground climbing net and many more playground environmental nets.

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